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I create attractive custom websites. I also do subcontracting. I'm currently freelancing, and interested in good new projects :)   – Elise

Handcrafted Code

I combine open-source and custom code with an eye to creating stable, flexible, modular websites. I incorporate the latest web standards and best practices to deliver cutting-edge features in new browsers and devices, while falling back gracefully on older browsers and less powerful devices.

Mobile Friendly

These days there are many folks accessing the web on a wide variety of devices with varying capabilities. When I design a page, it is as though I design many pages at once, so it presents itself to best effect given the particular capabilities and characteristics of the device on which it's viewed.

Since 1999

I have fifteen years of experience designing and building websites (incorporating in 2004). I have a degree in philosophy and am self-taught in graphic design and web development. I aim to build things that are beautiful from the inside out (better architecture being naturally easier to maintain).

Search Optimized

There are many tips and tricks to search engine optimization. Some are in the code itself, and others rely on you. Combining good code with unique content of interest to your vistors (as in a blog and in social media) is especially effective for increasing search rank and social visibilty.

Performance Tuned

Performance matters a great deal. In fact, it even affects search ranking, not to mention the likelihood of a new visitor staying to explore your site fully. I run open-source performance tools automatically whenever I make updates, ensuring your site loads speedily (images included).

Analytics & Support

Google Analytics integration makes it easy for you to monitor your site's traffic, seeing how people find you, and what your most popular site content is (among other statistics). Monthly or annual support packages keep your site up-to-date, ready for the latest browsers and devices.

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