Websites & Marketing for Bee People

Bee noticed

eliseI help people who work with bees boost sales of their products or services. I do this by building websites that attract more customers and clients. I help bee-lovers of all kinds, bee they beekeepers, beekeeping suppliers, bee educators, bee event managers, restaurants with apiaries… anyone who has a business related to bees!

There are several ways in which I boost your business. I can increase the number of people finding your website. I can turn more of those people into buying customers or potential clients. And I can increase your return visitors and buyers. Would you like to have more revenue coming in? We can do that by building a technological bridge to take you from where you’re at now to where you want to bee!

Saving bees

I started out with a fascination for bees and taking close-up photos of them. As I started bringing my bee photos to local events, I realized I was helping people look at bees in a whole new light. So in 2010, I started (super-small at first!) I’ve been learning more and sharing ever since then.

How I help

I offer all of my services in fixed cost packages. Take a look at my pricing to choose what works best for you. If I can’t make your business more profitable, I’ll give you your money back… that’s my Bee Guarantee!

For 18 years, I’ve helped small businesses and startups grow their revenue and their standing within their communities. I am now turning my skills to the area in which I’m most passionate… bees! Interested in seeing a few of my close-up bee photos? Take a quick look at my other site

For each project, I work directly with you, bringing years of web development and marketing experience to focus on your project. I work from my home office in the woods of southern Oregon. When you call or email, I’ll be the one you speak with each time.

Reach out

Send me an email or save a spot on my calendar at for a 15-minute chat about how we might help your bee business grow!