Get noticed

eliseSince 1999, I’ve been creating websites that get my clients noticed. Both by potential customers and by search engines. On mobile devices, ultra-wide monitors, and everything in between.

A great website delights and surprises. I bring to life inviting, bespoke websites for Oregon builders, remodelers and building industry suppliers. Memorable websites that will build your standing online and attract more of your ideal clients.

I make sure people find your site. Not just anyone, but the people most likely to be good customers. I make your site *sticky* so people will want stay on your site to learn more. I move them towards the goal of reaching out to you.

I help you build online trust by presenting your company in the right way. I build a solid website foundation by mixing my own hand-written custom code with proven open-source software. A perfectly custom, extensible architecture that supports and distinguishes your brand.

I do this from my home office in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. When you call or email, I’ll be the one you speak with each time. I’ve partnered with small Oregon businesses since 1999 to take their website presence to the next level.

I can help

I begin by taking a look at where you’re at right now, and where you want to be. I then work with you to find a technological bridge that will take you there. Take a look at our most recent case study for a long-time client (another one coming soon!)

I can help with everything that has to do with having a website, including the associated aspects of website hosting and domain name registrations. I can handle all the content, or set you up so that you can make updates to your site. I can help suggest blog posts and support you with social media. With a support package, I keep your website up-to-date (and backed up). I can make your photos look great! (I’ve extensive Photoshop expertise)

To ensure your site steadily performs well on search engines now and in the future, I help you optimize your website for what search engines are always looking for: fresh, unique content of interest to visitors. Read more of my thoughts on search engine optimization.

Reach out

Is your current website delivering value? Are people finding it? Does it memorably show off all you have to offer? Tell me a little about why you’re looking to start a new web project, and what business goals you have in mind.