it must be... but what?

i remember hypercard. i built my first game with it. i wish i still had it (both the game, and hypercard itself! why don't things like these get saved? digital formats are not the forever they once were promised to be. and some apps—and services, for that matter—once gone, leave forever a marked lack in one's life).

i was somewhere at or over the age of 10 at the time... when i began playing with hypercard, that is. playing hypercard games. stringing together elements, seemingly effortlessly. i remember creating my game, fragments thereof at least: a magic potion, with a vapor above it that i vaguely recall agonizing over.

the sheer delight, coupled with simplicity—even to make potion vapor animations in a choose-your-own-adventure game (cards in stacks... an apt visual metaphor)—left the warmest of impressions on me, and set a tone that would be continued as i dabbled in the internet of those days (my college years, fall '95 to spring '99... cyberspace, brightly colored, pixelated, blinking, animated, wild and free).

that was a time when you would actually draw pixel by pixel... i remember doing so, constructing elaborate illustrations. one, a swallowtail butterfly based on a photo (a modest first project). another, a bright pink and blue-hued serpent twisted around a sword. the others? lost, i fear, to unrecognizable formats (once again, data is fleeting).

no antialiasing back then... semi-transparent pixels were merely a dream

now i look at stuff like this and wish css had been around when i had such time! you should definitely see this (no js, 10 lines of html, ~2500 lines of scss)

relatively much later, i remember making this on a powerbook 1400cs (at the time, the latest in a chain of macs... though i'd begun with an apple IIe). i remember photoshop overheating my laptop at times (causing unplanned shutdowns). so i'd have to save often, and preventatively turn the machine off for 15 minutes or so (cuing off whether my legs really were burning dangerously so). was that photoshop v4, i wonder? yes, it was, i just looked it up. code name: big electric cat, released november 1996.

this story—or should i say, meandering interlude—has no end.

hmm... like life.