The new web

These days, the demands on a website are great. It must be different things to different people at different times. Often location-sensitive, all its information may be contained in the palm of your hand. Or it may get a chance to spread itself across an ultra-wide screen. One might poke it with a finger, or one might hover over it with a cursor. Machines may want to read it.

It must be many things to many people, but only one thing to itself (its multiple personas emerging from one canonical source). And it must be fast. And it must be beautiful at high-resolutions, if that which browses it is capable. It must be sensitive to the network, scaling back usage if bandwidth is scarce. It must not sacrifice functionality to beauty, instead it must be beautifully functional inside and out. Its curves and shapes (logos, icons, design elements) must be mathematically described vectors, fast and changeable, compared with their simple, static image counterparts of the past.

There are many different ways to build a website, and many different open-source tools with which to build it. There are many decisions to be made along the way. The pace of change on the web (and the pace of change in devices that access it) means that a site must adapt to a variety of different demands and constraints depending on future circumstances. It must be like a living thing.

What we do

Great software delights and surprises. We bring to life fun, friendly, inviting websites. After all, a website without personality is just another site. Like a lively, interesting person, we want our sites to stick in one’s memory. We do this by enabling fast, fluid website interactions coupled with unique graphic designs and custom interfaces. Since 2000, we’ve been partnering with businesses on the West Coast to create memorable websites that build and extend their identities online.

For each project, we start by picking the very best open-source frameworks on which to build. Code is hand-written and carefully organized into modules. We create living style guides showing all custom-designed building blocks at a glance (incoporating live code and documentation). Version management ensures code integrity by providing complete histories of all changes. It also makes the project portable, with all master files residing in an off-site repository.

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