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eliseYou know you have this great product or service. No one has anything quite like it, and it would sell itself if put in front of the right person. But people aren’t finding it on the web. Or people are finding your website, but then they’re not buying much (or anything) from you. Or you just know you can sell more than you’re currently doing online.

If only your brand was more recognized and visible. If only shopping at your store was easy and fast on any device. If only your store showcased your products memorably, instead of merely displaying them just like every other site. If only it reflected every aspect of your brand, including your voice, to establish a lasting connection with interested passersby.

With a bespoke theme for WordPress and WooCommerce, you’ll gain a web presence completely customized to your product and your brand’s personality. Fine-tuned for search engine performance, optimized for fast download speed, and always up-to-date with the latest technology. Together we build a technological bridge to take you from where you’re at now to where you want to be!

I can help

I offer all of my services in convenient, fixed cost packages. Take a look at my pricing, as low as $479 to get started on improving your web presence. I also share DIY articles on web topics such as search engine optimization. For each project, I work directly with you, bringing my 18 years of web development and marketing experience to focus on your project.

I work from my home office in the woods of southern Oregon. When you call or email, I’ll be the one you speak with each time. Since 1999, I’ve partnered with small businesses throughout the Pacific Northwest to increase their audiences and sales.

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